Wendy Mataija

Toronto-based artist Wendy Mataija focuses on abstract, nature focused art done on canvas or wood panels. She typically works in acrylics, resins and other mixed mediums using a variety of traditional and non-traditional methods that are themselves closely connected with nature – water, wind, air and gravity – to achieve the unique and colorful effects that typify her style.

Wendy possesses a PhD from the University of Toronto in education. Her work has been presented nationally, and can be found in the spaces of collectors throughout North America, Germany and the UK. She is a member of Workman Arts, and is passionate in advocating for deaf, disability and mad arts.

Wendy Mataija personal statement:

Finding calm, quiet moments feels essential for our mental and physical health in the digital age. My colorful, abstract, contemporary art is inspired by my time spent in nature nurturing daydreams, contemplations and deep reflection. 2020 was challenging on many levels for all of us! I have found peace and solace walking in nature, in reverie. My goal in presenting my art is to invite others to explore their own creativity and relationship with nature.

My methods include traditional and non-traditional techniques that are themselves closely connected with nature – water, wind, air and gravity – to achieve the unique, colorful and gentle effects that typify my work. I work in acrylics, resins and other mixed mediums, often using wood panels. The connection between my artistic techniques, the natural panels, resins and paints feels primordial, earthy. I work flat, often times working exclusively with palette knives, natural substances and liquid techniques. At other times, I use my hands and breath to form a more visceral, primary connection with the board or canvas and my art.

My paintings always feature metallics to add richness, like the sun. I often use resin to enhance the colours of my paintings, but also because it has a reflective, flowing, dancing quality like water, drawing the viewer further into my work. For me, painting is an intimate, quiet, deeply intuitive process.

Watch a close up of one of our featured paintings at the gallery: Cerulean Seas .