About Westmount

Welcome to the Westmount Gallery, established 1976. The gallery recently changed ownership, and along with that moved to a bright and open concept location at 35 Chauncey Avenue in Etobicoke. The gallery continues to feature work from the local Canadian artists who have made the Westmount Gallery such a great success story. The gallery also invites new artists to feature their work. With over 3000 square feet of area, the gallery is a true cultural oasis, featuring painted works that span the genres from high realism to abstraction. The real attraction is that there is something for everyone, whatever their taste. It offers great art at affordable prices. Whether it's a gift for a friend or family member, part of a home renovation or as a pure investment, the Westmount Gallery is sure to deliver. It offers great art at affordable prices. The Westmount Gallery also continues to provide custom framing and art restoration services.

The new owner, June Wang, is a charming and delightful person who is always ready to greet customers and provide one to one advice and customer service. An artist herself, June has a keen sense of art collection and investment. She takes over where the former owner, Judy Smith left off, that is as a catalyst who puts collectors and artists together.

June was born in 1973 in Shengyang, China, a large industrial city in North East China. For a short time during the 17th century, Shengyang actually served as capital of Imperial China (Qing dynasty). When June was sixteen, she started showing a strong interest in drawing and painting. She attended an art high school for 3 years. After that, she earned a bachelor’s degree in the Art Educator program at the LuXun Fine Art University in Shengyang. June has expertise in sketch, watercolor, oil painting and traditional Chinese ink painting.   

June came to Canada in 2001. In 2005, June was accepted into the Classical Animation program at Sheridan College in Oakville. She went on to earn an applied art bachelor’s degree, which took 4 years. It was a fun and exciting journey. Stop motion animation was her major focus. The art of stop motion requires drawing, sculpting, layout and lighting skills. The title of her graduation film was “Monkey and the Moon”. June currently lives in Oakville with her husband and three children. She looks forward to meeting you.