Anastasia Eve

Anastasia Eve is a Russian-born, Toronto-based visual artist. A nomad at heart, she loves to explore the power of art as a universal language. Anastasia’s travel experiences, combined with a unique background in engineering and classical painting, allow her to connect often contradicting viewpoints and to bring a fresh perspective on modern society. Anastasia enjoys working in various settings: illustration agencies and fine art galleries; creating murals on the city streets; painting live at events. Her work is primarily figurative, a whimsical mix of fantasy and reality. It blends together bold vibrant hues, energetic brushstrokes, and subtle symbolism with a contemporary feel. Using mixed media like oil, pastels and gold leaf, the artist evokes intricate dreamscapes and ethereal characters. Anastasia’s art invites the viewer to connect with their inner self, and to celebrate the beauty and mystery of life.

Watch an interview from her 2020 exhibition at the Twist Gallery. She discusses influences, inspirations and her process for creation: watch the interview