Wayne Mondok

Wayne Mondok was born in Toronto and is a self-taught artist who began drawing at an early age. In 1983, he attended Humber College Graphic Design Program. After graduating in 1985, Wayne worked as a graphic artist for a few years. In 1988, he began painting full time, and has done various commercial work, including novel covers, book illustrations and other advertisements.

Wayne published his first limited edition reproduction in 1988, entitled “Reflections of the Past”. This painting portrays the historic steamship “R.M.S. Segwun”. Reflected in the water of the painting, is an older image from the ship’s past.

Most of Wayne’s paintings are done with acrylics, although he sometimes uses oils, watercolours or gouache. Wayne paints various sized works mostly on canvas, masonite or illustration board.

His subject matter covers a wide variety of areas, as seen in his painting “Toronto St.”. This collage was done in acrylics on canvas and was published as a poster. It shows many different Toronto area scenes, including landscapes, cityscapes, wildlife, and various transportation vehicles.
As Wayne comments; “That painting took quite a while to finish. There was a lot of lettering involved, as well as the placement and design of the images. It’s basically a group of small, detailed paintings incorporated onto one large canvas.

Wayne works from his studio just outside Toronto, and is currently represented at the Westmount Gallery in Toronto and Koyman Galleries in Ottawa.