Terry Ananny


Born in 1956 in Toronto , ( Ontario , Canada ), Terry Ananny resides in Ottawa where she paints full time. From a young age Terry showed a keen interest in painting, and although she studied fine arts in high school Terry Ananny is primarily a self taught artist. Her inspiration comes from her three children and her desire to capture their joyful experiences of childhood on canvas. The happy and spontaneous world of childhood is conveyed to the viewer by the rich and vivid palette used to create a figurative simplicity and charm on canvas. As a child, Terry Ananny experienced many trips from Ontario to Quebec . The rich splendor of the colourful Quebec villages was forever engrained and etched into her memory. Now the artist recaptures these charming village scenes with children at play in the great Canadian outdoors. Each painting creates a unique magical moment of childhood connecting us to our earlier childhood experiences.