Mostafa Keyhani


Westmount is proud to represent renowned artist Mostafa Keyhani. Born in 1954 in Iran, Mostafa now lives in Toronto with his family.

Capturing his talents in high school, a teacher encouraged him to expand his talents in the artistic field thus finally discovering his love and passion for painting. Although he later received a Diploma in Biology and Anatomy he began studying art at the Tehran University and Dusseldorf University. After graduation, Mostafa decided to expand his artistic mind in Germany and France. Over the next seven years, he defined his craft and inner expressions bringing uniqueness and original stylized characteristics to each of his works.

A Keyhani piece is one to be cherished. The colour palette choosen for each pieces allows the admirer to dive to the place of origin within the work. Perhaps it is his love for travel that has allowed him to capture the essence of a Quebec City landmark or a simple balcony overlooking the Seine. Whether a petite 8×10 or his grandeur 48×72, it is easy to get lost in each of his paintings.

Westmount represents Mostafa Keyhani and holds the largest collection of his works. More information can be found in the Winter edition of Magazin’Art or by calling us directly 416-239-5427