Mila Duric

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Artist Statement
I see life through the eyes of a child, daughter, woman, wife, and a mother. As an artist, I cannot help but be shaped by these perceptions any more than I could stop breathing. It was ‘love at first sight’ the first time I picked up a paint brush and my passion for art and painting grew throughout my childhood and has continued into my adult life.
While studying in Italy one summer, I experienced paintings from the masters of chiaroscuro such as Caravaggio and Rembrandt and they had great influence on my work. My paintings are done in chiaroscuro, which I feel is the most poetic and romantic way to transform a mental concept into a work of art. I became passionately inspired by light and shadow and the sensuous nature of the subject, and I use this style to bring my still life out of the darkness and back to life. By combining the grisaille (grey) underpainting and glazing techniques learned from the old masters, with my graphic design training enabled me to develop as a Contemporary Realist artist.
My paintings are an expression of the sensory world through my eyes with the visual; taking on greater importance as a human being and an artist as the poetry of color and form in everyday objects surrounds. Inspiration comes by things in everyday life, by looking beyond something that inspires an emotional response. Whether it is in still life, portraitures or figurative paintings, sharing the laughter of life’s little ironies and speaks of passion, the love of life, family and self. With the hope of each painting reinforcing there is beauty in the shadows.

Artist Bio
Mila Duric is a Contemporary Realist artist and combines in her work a deeply rooted realist technique in the tradition of the “Old Masters” with a contemporary flair. Her works evoke a feeling of quiet emotion, rich color and luminosity. While pursuing her education, she enrolled in Advertising and Graphic Design at Humber College and continued her studies in Fine Arts, earning a BFA degree from York University. After working in the graphic design field for 15 years, Mila decided to rejoin the world of art. She has participated in groups, juries exhibitions, and has works in many private collections. She now paints full time in her home studio.

Humber College of Applied Arts & Technology, Advertising & Graphic Design Program Diploma,1981
York University, Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1987
International Academy of Design, 1998

Board of Education for the Borough of Etobicoke Proficiency in Art Award, 1979
Praxis Gallery, Juried Exhibition, Honourable Mention, 1996

Selected Exhibitions
AWOL Gallery, “SQUARE FOOT”, Toronto – 2008, 2009, 2010
Praxis Gallery, “St Valentine’s Day Exhibition”, Toronto – 1996, 1997
Praxis Gallery, “Juried Exhibition”, “Silent Action for Art Salon ’96”, Toronto -1996,
Del Bello Gallery, “Art Salon ’96”, Toronto – 1996, 1997