Lorenzo Fracchetti


Lorenzo’s special interests for art and nature started at an early age. Born in a small town by the Italian Alps, he lived with his family before moving to Switzerland. Lorenzo studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, Italy, followed by two years of Artistic Design in Switzerland.

He came to Canada in 1967, and attended the Ontario College of Art for one year. Working for a publishing company as a book illustrator in the Canadian Arctic, Lorenzo was captivated by the natural beauty of the landscapes, the native people and the wildlife. This was a land of mystery and incomparable grandeur still untouched by modern civilization.

The ability to master many media including oil, charcoal, pastel and etching has been a major element in his success as an artist. Lorenzo’s style is a dialogue between spontaneity and discipline; between a passion for freedom and a conviction that the wonder of his subject can be grasped only be the most painstaking and loving study.