Johannus Boots


Johannus Boots resides near Haliburton, Ontario where he draws much of his inspiration for his paintings from the natural beauty. His life experiences are mirrored in his expression. He enjoys hiding images to challenge all who view his work. He sees how nature hides its many wonders, and for those who wish to look a little deeper it reveals all its mystery and beauty.
Johannus started building up a collection of original acrylic paintings. His own personal style evolved. He creates in his work a world, which is a balance of humanity and spirituality.
Johannus started appearing in a number of local art shows and as interest in his work opened up, he published his first limited edition print in November 1987.
In 1990, Johannus was introduced to Judy Smith of Westmount Gallery. Since their introduction, Westmount Gallery has co-produced the last nine releases.